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the Feminine

"To be of ultimate service to the planet we must reconnect to that innate feminine knowing that teaches us of the power of change that comes from being rather than doing." ~ Sandra Ingerman

"How can working with the feminine empower us to meet the call of our present time from a new perspective, drawing on the principles of interconnectedness, embodiment, and reverence for all life? How can we bring unity and harmony back into a civilization and planet whose present collective values are so self-destructive - destroying even the ecosystem that supports us? How can we use her values for social and environmental justice, for peace building, and for all changes that are so desperately needed at this time?" ~ Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee

It's time for reconnection and remembering. Reconnecting with the feminine qualities that belong to your true nature. 

This process will look different for each of us, as we will enter this journey from different paths. The important part though, is that we enter. We begin to reawaken to the power of the feminine consciousness.

During this 3 month program you will explore somatic awareness, deep inner wisdom, and learn how to move through the world from a place of balance and harmony. Harmony that comes from alignment of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within yourself.

The first six weeks have you turning inward and learning more about yourself and how to access your centered self awareness. That place of peaceful power and wisdom. Together we will explore:


Somatic Awareness Where do you experience things in your body and how is it impacting you?


Embodiment What does it feel like to embody the person you are meant to be in this world? What does it feel like to exist in your true soul center?

What To Expect This work will bring shifts in how you view yourself and the world. What can you expect as you move through this program? And how do you navigate this road?

The last six weeks are filled with tools and opportunities to take your new found awareness out into the world. You will learn and understand how this new knowledge defines your role as a leader, and guide you along a clearer path of your greater calling. Together we will explore:


Somatic Awareness Integration How do you move through your day and interactions from a place that's centered, self aware, and in your true power. How does this look different when we connect with our feminine intuition and feminine consciousness?


The Power of Embodiment When you find your power within your embodiment practice, your true purpose and gifts are able to shine. It is from this aligned center that you step into your true power and step into a life of awareness and unity.


Bringing It All To Life This is where you take all of your hard work and set out on the journey ahead of you. This work brings clarity. It ignites you from the inside out, and sets you on a path of fulfillment and excitement.

You will then take your learnings and awareness into your community in ways you never would have imagined possible, changing not only your trajectory, but also that of others around you and the planet.

It all begins with you, and it all begins within.

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