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Bearing Witness:
A Facilitated Trip to the Border

November 8 - 14, 2021
Tucson and Ajo, Arizona

When we have the ability to zoom out from our current state, we recognize that the problems we are experiencing are shared by others across the globe. 

We recognize our shared path, our shared humanity. 

Our work begins with ourselves, honoring our own journey and the path that brought us to this work. From this space we will occupy together, our work grows to include each other, mothers and children in their home countries, those on a treacherous journey across many borders, and those already here in the U.S. working to create new homes and connections.

Come join this small, incredible group for an eye-opening trip along the Arizona and Sonora, Mexico border. We will bear witness to what is transpiring along our souther border from a place of embodied awareness. An awareness that has the ability to catapult us into the answers to some of today's greatest questions, while providing powerful direction for what's next and our role in creating unity and change.

Together, we will meet with organizations working along the border day in and day out, walk the trails of the migrants, hear their stories, and understand the reasons for their difficult journeys. We will explore the various steps migrants take on their path toward asylum and the many obstacles in their way.

We are incredibly fortunate to spend our time together at a wonderful home in Tucson, AZ and the Sonoran Desert Inn and Conference Center in Ajo, AZ.

Join us for this incredible experience!

The Trip


Madres e Hijos

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