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Embodiment Experiences

Real time opportunities for us to clearly see and feel how we interact with the world around us.

Embodiment Practices:

Join us every Thursday in our online community for story sharing, connection, and embodiment practices.

We are creating new habits of awareness, and this is a great way to stay on course.

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The Power of Embodiment

Embodied Experiencing is about learning how to recognize the effect words and interactions are having in your body. Are you feeling triggered? Nauseous? Is your heart on fire? What is happening inside of you and what does it mean? How will these feelings guide your actions? And how can your awareness of these feelings shift your behavior?


These are critical skills if we are going to truly move beyond where we are today. The universe is showing up to give us the shove we need. The wake up call is a loud one, one that has left most of us feeling as though everything is out of our control, when in fact the louder message being shared is that we have everything we need to step beyond all of this chaos.


What we need can be found within. It is found in the feminine knowing, the trust, the self awareness and acceptance that comes from embodiment and our global inward bound journey.

Embodiment Practice Videos

There is definite value to being present on our Thursday community call with us, but that isn't always possible.

In this section you can access past calls and move through the embodiment practices when the time is right for you.

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