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Laurie Benson

Curator and Transformational Coach

Laurie lives at the edge of awareness and movement.

She curates experiences and journeys that lead to deeper self awareness, and new forms of leadership.

Her journey, and work experience, have been varied and powerful. Landing her here, meeting the ever shifting edge of awareness, movement, and leadership.

She's had the incredible fortune of working with visionary mentors and leaders, who have helped her understand that her path is to facilitate an elevated level of self awareness. A self awareness that will guide and shift the great leaders of today and tomorrow.

Through her years of work and collaboration, she has come into contact with incredible, empowered, aware women. She is honored to bring them together in a powerful way. Laurie creates journeys and experiences that bring clarity to the work we are meant to do in the world, and reconnect us with ourselves, each other, and the natural world.

Learn more about Laurie.

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