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Our Online Community

Now is the time for collective action.


This action starts with a deep self awareness of who we are as unique individuals, and how we show up in work and life.

Inside our community, we have access to tools, resources, conversations, and collaborations that bring us back into balance with ourselves, each other, and the planet. We explore leadership through the lens of powerful books and authors, story sharing, and deeper self awareness and connection.


Every voice matters. Every perspective brings important insight.


We are ordinary women, doing extraordinary things together.


We learn that from our softer, more feminine side we access our emotional wisdom, and that connecting with this deeper knowing can feel vulnerable. That’s why we stand together.


We build each other up and support our individual growth and journeys as we all move toward a more sustainable, centered, and aware future.


Our societies and cultures have taught us to show up in our masculine power when we want to accomplish things. For some of us, this skill has taken us far in aspects of our life and work. For others, these masculine qualities send us shrinking away from challenge and interactions.


It's time for remembering, reconnecting, and balance. Bringing the masculine and feminine again into harmony. 


It’s time to explore this awareness together, creating the more beautiful world we all know is possible. And entering into our relationships, interactions, and work as the centered, self aware leaders the world desperately needs.

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