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Online Courses

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This 3 course program can be found within my free online community for women. Follow the link to join.

Course 1:

Somatic Awareness - Understand How You Experience Life

Where do you feel tension and anxiety in your body? Where do you experience joy and freedom?

Learn how this awareness can impact and shift your interactions, self worth, and ability to step into your greater dreams.

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Course 2:

Presence and Embodiment

What does it feel like to move through your day from a place of complete embodiment?


Over the next 5 days, you will gain awareness of what embodiment means for you, and how this new wisdom allows you to access that place of deeper wisdom, unity, and your true power.

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Course 3:

Become the Woman You Want To Be

Ask yourself this question: "Who is the woman I want to be?"

Feel this question move through your body.

In this 3rd course, we bring all of your work together in a powerful and inspiring way. Allowing you to move through the world as your best, most authentic self.

This is it! The moment where you take a deep breath, and step into who you truly are. 

It's beautiful, and powerful, and I'm so excited you are here.

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