Our Leadership Program brings groups of women come together for a 6 month journey. 

Each month presents a new thought leader, sharing their wisdom, stories, and experience. We learn together over live, interactive calls and then dive into the personal work around this new learning over the corresponding month. 

The first three months, have us turning inward and learning more about ourselves and how to access our centered self awareness. That place of peaceful power and wisdom. We explore:


Somatic Awareness - where do we experience things in our bodies and how is it impacting us?


Indigenous Wisdom - Gaining deeper awareness and clarity around Integration and Interconnection.


Your Essential Self - Knowing who you truly are and accessing your true path in life.

The last three months are filled with tools and opportunities to take our new found awareness out into the world. We learn and understand how this new knowledge defines our roles as leaders, and guides us along a clearer path of our greater calling. We explore:


Somatic Awareness Integration - How do you move through your day and interactions from a place that's centered, self aware, and in your true power.


Your True Voice - Here we translate this new awareness into your power and role as a leader in this new and emergent space.


Indigenous Wisdom Integrated - How do we understand and claim our place as leaders in the collective and co-emergent world coming to life around us?

We take our learnings and awareness into our communities in ways we never would have imagined possible. And we remain connected, and continue to grow together through our Inward Bound Online Community.

6 Month Leadership Program

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