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Soul Councils


No more waiting for the right opportunities to come along. It is time to create them.

Gone are the days of individual impact. In order to create powerful change, we must stand together.

The beauty of the time we are inhabiting is that we don’t have to make any step alone. It's time we come together in the most powerful collaborations of all times. Collaborations that value each of us as individuals and at the same time recognize that there is no separation.


This is a time of Soul Councils that bring together people from all walks of life. It is within these councils that we will find the answers we are looking for.


Together we see the larger picture that we cannot see alone. Together we step forward in a way that benefits all of humanity and our incredible planet.


Do you have a community of incredible individuals? Individuals who are ready to bring their unique gifts and talents to a larger, unified cause?

It is time to step into your own Soul Council. 

Soul Councils are all inclusive opportunities to create powerful change, moving humanity toward a future of unity and balance.

Ready to begin?

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