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Our Retreat Time Together

Together, with an intimate group of women who are ready to take life to the next level, we will explore Feminine Leadership.

We will gather in the gorgeous desert Southwest of Santa Fe, NM. Our home for the weekend will be Sunrise Springs Spa Resort ~ which has been called a wonderful place to "unplug, recharge, and pamper yourself on 70 lush acres fed by natural springs. A sacred, nurturing destination spa where you define the experience you want – from pure relaxation and rejuvenation to self-discovery and adventure."


We will listen to our bodies and nurture our souls while we explore what it means to lead from the Feminine Consciousness, how this new awareness can change our lives and the world, and allow ourselves time to truly soak it all in, in the natural springs and gorgeous trails of Sunrise Springs.

Listening through Awareness Building

Learning by Reclaiming the Feminine and Balance

Sharing by Standing in Your True Power


Building Awareness around what leadership means today and the incredible opportunity for change.

We will listen to our bodies, ourselves, each other, and the natural world. Understanding our connections and shared stories. Listening and reconnecting to our deeper knowing and intuition, and feeling the power that lies in this awareness.



Reclaiming the Feminine and the Balance the world so desperately needs. Understanding when and why the feminine became lost. How and why we’ve learned that sharing our voice, trusting our intuition, and leading from a place of softness and balance feels unsafe and uncomfortable. 


Then understanding how we reconnect with this important awareness. This part of ourselves that is natural, vital to who we are, and necessary in the world today.


This work isn’t only for women - the balance between the masculine and the feminine must be found within us all - men and women. BUT, this important work - discovering the balance and expressing this awareness to all of those around us - breaking the karmic cycle that exists so strongly today - is the work of women. It’s our time to stand up for the women who came before us, for ourselves and every woman, and for the generations to come after us.



Your True Power

Who are you as a leader? When you listen, trust, and stand in your power - what does leadership look like? How is it different from what you’ve experienced in the past? What is now opening up for you because of this new awareness?


Your power lies within your most centered self - your soul self. It can feel vulnerable to exist in this part of our bodies - and it is within this vulnerability that we are our most powerful. So, how do we move safely through the world from this vulnerable place? How do we allow ourselves to flow with the world around us - not moving at its whim - but becoming a unifying part of the divine movement?


This is the leadership we need. This is the leadership innate to women. It is women that need to lead the charge and the change. It’s time we come together. Our future lies within our unity and our unity depends upon our ability to look closely at who we truly are and the gifts we are here to share.


We aren’t here by accident. We chose to be here - during this time of powerful transformation. Because we know we are part of the change. We know we have a role to play - and we are ready to gain clarity on what that is and how we show up. We are ready to lead from the feminine.


This powerful work we are going to do begins with reconnecting. Reconnecting with ourselves, each other, and the planet.


At Sunrise Springs, we will have the incredible opportunity to be guided through 2 Native American ceremonies by Concha Garcia Allen. 


Concha is a native Curandera, licensed massage therapist and, traditional body trauma counselor who has been practicing for more than 30 years. She was trained by Guadalupe de La Cruz Rios, a Marakame from Tepic, Nayarit and her four great aunts in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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