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Our Time Together

Together, with an intimate group interested in witnessing what is transpiring first hand along our southern border, we will celebrate and honor our shared humanity.

We will gather in the gorgeous desert terrain of Tucson and Ajo, AZ. Our homes for the week will be a wonderful home in Tucson and the Sonoran Desert Inn and Conference Center in Ajo, AZ. We will visit communities both in Arizona and Sonora, Mexico and walk the migrant trails through the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.


We will listen to the stories of those on these journeys, while exploring how we experience them within our own bodies. This embodied awareness will help us understand where our own stories and experiences impact our ability to hear and relate to others, and create the opportunity to move into action in ways that are right for us as individuals and a collective.

Listening to the Stories of Others

Learning How we Experience Their Stories

Engaging by Honoring Our Shared Humanity


We will meet with, and listen to the stories and experiences of those who work along the border, the migrants making their journey north, and those who have already settled here in the US.



We will begin our time together moving through practices that help us understand how we experience the stories of others. Where in our bodies do we feel our own stories / traumas / experiences? Where do we feel joy and freedom? And where, in our bodies, do we experience the stories we hear? How does this impact our ability to truly hear what is being said and honor the sharing?

This facilitated embodiment work will not only allow us to move through this trip in a new way, it will also allow us to process what we are experiencing, and understand how we want to engage around these larger issues.

We will learn by witnessing and listening to the experiences of migrants, immigrants, and those working for the border organizations. Our ability to truly listen to what they have to share will open doors to many paths forward that may not currently be visible. There is no experience that can replace the power of seeing what is transpiring first hand.



Honoring Our Shared Humanity ~

When we have the ability to zoom out from our current state, we recognize that the problems we are experiencing are shared by others across the globe. And that no issue exists in isolation, all is connected.

We recognize our shared path, our shared humanity. 

Our work begins with ourselves, honoring our own journey and the path that brought us to this work. From this space we will occupy together, our work will grow to include each other, mothers and children in their home countries, those on a treacherous journey across many borders, and those already here in the U.S. working to create new homes and connections.


We are the change the world needs. It’s time we come together. Our future lies within our unity and our unity depends upon our ability to look closely at who we truly are, the gifts we are here to share, and the gifts of others.



This powerful work we are going to do begins with reconnecting. Reconnecting with ourselves, each other, and the planet.


During this trip, we will have the honor of moving through ceremony and celebration with Grandmother Mona Polacca.

Grandmother Mona is part of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. Mona is a Hopi / Havasupai / Tewa elder doing important work reminding us all of our greater purpose and the opportunity in front of us in this current moment.

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